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POLI 347
Julie Norman

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2012: Tipping Points—From Lebanon to the First Intifada  Arab-Israel Wars Continued: Lebanon  1970s—the PLO moves from Jordan (pushed out) to South Lebanon, which has a large number of highly populated refugee camps of Palestinians, resulting in cross border attacks.  The Lebanese Civil War begins in 1975, and it becomes a region issue, especially as Israel gets increasingly involved. Israel formed a strong alliance with the Phal  Phalangists (a part of the Lebanese Christian population who has in interest in not having the PLO and Palestinians there), to protect the Southern border. o In 1978, Israel send forces into (invades) Southern Lebanon to try and secure that border zone and create a buffer between Israel and this somewhat threatening area. Israel killed militant target, and also about 2,000 civilians. In response to this, the UN sends UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon), for peacekeeping and humanitarian purposes. They were supposed to be there for a short period, but are still there today—they renewed their mandate in August. o Israel pressures the Lebanese government to force the PLO out because by putting pressures on civilian populations, civilians will pressure their own governments to get the PLO out. To the Israelis, it was effective in the long run. Israel is using the same pressuring civilians to pressure Hamas tactic in Gaza today.  1982: Israel creates Operation Peace for Galilee, which is an Israel siege on Lebanon, and reached all the way up to Beirut (the capital city). The civilian deaths are estimated at 18,000 (82% civilians). This campaign was led by Ariel Sharon. o In Sabra and Shatila in 1982, Israel was seen as being indirectly complicit in a massacre in these camps. (Has b
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