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lecture 2

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Political Science
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POLI 354
Mark Brawley

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Monday, September 10, 2012 Lecture 2 POLI 354 Realism  Stresses conflict and competition The Origins of Realism  Historians  Key question: why do wars occur? First answer: its natural from first historians and idealists thought war was result of bad behavior; debate in 1920s;  Thucydides: Greek historian involved in politics; Sparta vs Athens; distribution of power caused conflict  Machiavelli: power is what determines outcomes;  E.H. Carr: worked in British foreign office; concerned about war and what causes it; more specifically he said you have to expect potential conflict in the future after WWI; Germany is going to recover and not be happy; points out the value of peace but only for people in London, some others may want to go to war to change outcomes; he emphasized these post questions of the international system  Worry about the real world and not an ideal one  Reinhold Niebuhr: he is watching what is happening in the rest of the world; critical of the idealists because he thinks to expect ideal behavior is wrong; believes that man is not perfect due to his religious beliefs The Evolution of Realism Is Realism real?  Model is not the same thing as reality; based on assumptions that we assume to be true; simplification of reality  Carr stresses need of theory to perform certain tasks and these must adhere to certain order  Carr: you have to describe world around you; in order to make predictions; then policy prescriptions  Carr said idealist started at the wrong end; important of order of tasks; better you are describing reality the more likely you anchor yourself in that reality Does it describe the natural order?  Good but not perfect Classical Realism  Argues against idealists  Drawing on human nature  Man being sinful Structural Realism  Drawing on state sove
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