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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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POLI 354
Mark Brawley

Monday, September 24, 2012 Lecture 6 POLI 354 Mercantilism Dominant Europe vs the Dutch  As trade develops monarchs try to control for their own purposes  1600s Dutch do really well economically, politically and militarily  confederation of states that make Republic  golden age because they did so well  dutch- new markets and trade  Dutch mills- running pumps because there is not enough land because it is densely populated; they want more land to farm on  Capital to invest in; in order to claim land  they have to engage in trade in order to succeed Economic changes  improved agricultural production  with trade then you can get needed grains  start concentrating on vegetables and other kinds of products  trade allows for this specialization  urban growth- rise of cities  access to canal  canal is important for good transportation  beer- key ingredient for exportation  large cities of Europe  wood for construction and boats- need to import it  demand for new goods  dutch are fighting Spanish  central role as providing goods  Americas- tobacco, potatoes, cotton, chocolate, sugar, coffee  Asia- silk, porcelain  Risky trade- promise for huge profits but it can take a year to sail
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