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Pax Britinicca - Spread of Free Trade

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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

Pax Britannica The spread of free tradephoto Richard politician in Britainpolicies in Britain and influence policies abroadwriter and thinker who will spread ideasExplaining the End of MercantilismLiberals internal changes inside Britain changes in the various interests and political weight of groupsMarxists the rise of national bourgeoisies the capitalists coming to political dominancethen seeking to penetrate marketsConstructivists Smith1776 people start to act differently think about things differentlyRealists systemic consequences position in system where benefit from economics and have power Britain will have power to promote free trade through coercionChanges in the Systemic EnvironmentAmerican Revolution Britain relied on it for a market which it dictated and as a source of supply need to look elsewhere after the revolutionThe Eden Treaty 1786with France who need foodThe French RevolutionNapoleons Continental System Britain and France locked in continental war and during part of that time Napoleon adopts continental system block the continent of Europe off from Britains trade this is possible because he controls a lot of ports and can coerce the ones he doesnt already controlWhy did free trade spreadThe ingredients for changeBritain going to emerge from wars as strongest country militarilyindustrialization harness steam power execute tasks that had to
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