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Amitav Acharya, Regional Security Arrangements in a Multipolar World?: The European Union in Global Perspective (2004)

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Political Science
POLI 354
Mark Brawley

Amitav Acharya Regional Security Arrangements in a Multipolar World The European Union in Global Perspective 2004Intro point With decline of American hegemonic stability will regional institutions like the EU once again become the poles of stability in a multipolar worldFrance China two main actors pushing for multipolarity today France for euronationalism under the EU to counter balance the US China as a rising powerThe Role of Regional Arrangements Distinction between two different types of multipolarity 1 Multipolarity as a strategic pursuit linked to distribution of material power military and economic resources Preference for balance of power approaches to world order A polar power will seek our surrounding weaker states to develop a sphere of influence 2 Multipolarity as a normative quest linked to ideational resources adherance to intl lawsense of collective identity either national or regional Pursue principlesmechanisms of cooperative security soft power No sphere of influence just shared rules w view to enhance collective action and pursuit of common goals besides deterrence or defenseAsiaASEAN regional China but facing problems getting Asia to work as a security bloc Europe NATOWarsaw during cold war Only chance f
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