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Lecture 2- Fear and Loathing in Global Politics?

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Political Science
POLI 360
Julie Norman

Current Conflicts South Sudan going through a turbulent time since around December 15th 1,000 dead; 200,000 displaced there are talks that the parties in the conflict are going to move towards reconciliation, but is this possible? is this conflict ethnically based or political? independence 2011 oil rich but poor people Dinka: biggest ethnic group there Nuer: second biggest ethnic group there the president is from a different ethnic group than his former VP potentially started as a political conflict reconciliation becomes harder when it breaks down along ethnic lines most Western states have pulled out because ethnic lines and violence moving so fast Central African Republic hundreds dead; 500,000 displaced escalated recently in December intense refugee problem in present-day conflicts French and AU troops deployed as external intervention religious/sectarian or political conflict? initially a political conflict, then it morphed Syria over 100,000 dead; millions displaced Sectarian or political conflict? Iraq “spillover?” intrastate conflicts, between groups in one state but not necessarily contained in that state refugees + expansion of violence into territories **Find POLI-341 Notes on Syria none of the three as yet have been classified as a war; they are all “conflicts" traditionally, war meant 1,000+ casualties and inter-state conflicts, but what we see now is widespread devastation within a single state that won’t meet these requirements kinds of conflict less commonly explored piracy cyber warfare drug trafficking actual warfare has been decreasing States/Regions at Risk of Conflict? Lebanon? Egypt because of Morsi? Brazil because of protests over massive inequality and the World Cup + Olympics? East China Sea because conflict with Japan over shipping rights and who owns what islands? most in Africa and South Asia, according to map on slide What Causes War/Conflict? Land/territory/geopolitics trying to expand a state’s territory resources acquisition; scarcity oil water? drugs blood diamonds economic incentives greed theory, how war can be seen as profitable political ideology more Cold War thinking US containment policy against communism (think Afghanistan) nationalism/self-determination a lot in the current intra-state conflicts state formation whenever new states form or larger states break apart, there is usually a surge in political violence sometimes states stabilize in the long term, sometimes
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