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Lecture 9

Lecture 9- Civil War, Insurgency, & Terrorism

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Political Science
POLI 360
Julie Norman

QuestionsWhat factors cause or explain civil warrebel andor state level analysispolicy implicationsWhat is the relationship bw civil war insurgency and terrorismlegitimate causes with illegitimate means What is the logicrationale of terrorismWhat Causes Civil Warlevels of analysispostCold War international system in fact there hasnt been an increase in civil war since the Cold War weak stateethnicreligious diversitydivisionsdo certain groups lead to civil war more than others tensions across groups and lines but not a very robust factor in most analyses grievance incentives for ppl to rebel or take up arms against the govt inequality oppression political rightsrelative deprivation Gurr Why Men Rebel Rebel Without a CauseGreed v Grievance Collier and Hoefflerfocus on rebel incentive opportunity availability of finance and recruits primary commodity raw materials exportsmore likely because high potential for black market to fund rebel groups illicit trafficking of diamonds gold minerals coltan narcotics coca small arms traffickingpoaching est 19Byear est up to 40 of AlShabab operations in Kenya funded by illegal ivory trade low costs poverty lowincome loweducationConditions for Insurgency Fearon and Lait
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