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Lecture 13

Lecture 13- Intervention!

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Political Science
POLI 360
Julie Norman

QuestionsWhen is military intervention necessaryjustifiedDoes intervention compromise state sovereignty Is state interest necessary for interventionWhat are the objectives of sanctionsDo sanctions work What factors determine successfailure Options for State Actionbefore armed intervention many steps and stages states consider first diplomaticconfidential meetings with heads of state or upper level policy makers to convey their displeasure public statements seem pithy but have a strong diplomatic effect cancellation of visitsrestrictions on culturalsporting contacts like in Sochi initiationsupport for international investigation like US calling for intl investigation into Darfurwithdrawal of ambassadors usually a shortterm temporary step breaking diplomatic relationseconomicreductions in aid pressure on US to reduce aid to Egypt cessation of aidembargos on arms sales in direct conflict situationseconomic sanctions can take many forms politicalaiding opposition groupsmilitaryaiding armed opposition groups Syria Humanitarian Armed Interventioncoercive foreign involvement in the internal affairs of a statedistinct from UN peacekeepingundertaken to halt prevent or punish systematic and severe human rights violations or respond to humanitarian crises requires preauthorization from UNSCusually multilateral undertaken by groups of states coalitions or regional actors NATO rare in practice Somalia Bosnia East Timor Kosovo Afghanistan Libyaarguments against LegalStatist Critiquesdomestic jurisdiction state sovereigntyUN Charter 27states may exercise leg ex admin and judicial powers within their own terr without interference from other states but UN charter 43 47 48 action permitted formaintenance of international peace and security RealistPolitical Critiquesstate interests over humanitarian concerns people need some state interest to get involved and humanitarian concerns dont trump thatstrategic security interests economic interestsdomestic electoral political interest
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