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Lecture 5

Lecture 5- Realism and Interstate War

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Political Science
POLI 360
Julie Norman

In the News this WeekStephen Harper is in Israel committed 60M in aid per year for the Palestinian Authority look at Canadas interest as a voice in that conflict and peace processObama NSAGeneva II talks regarding the Syrian crisis lots of armtwisting by the US and UK to get parties to commit to attendingcontroversial UN proposal that invited Iran to these talks pissing off the US and othersObamas NSA Speech and ReformsHow does Obama addressdefend NSA programs to datehe defends past programs saying the defense community has taken steps to ensure private citizens safety has been securedLegal makes the legal argument first saying it was all within the confines of the lawStrategic accepts responsibility says he did the overview and keeps some of the programs because they are necessaryno ethics or morals mentioned in the speechagreedisagreeAmerican exceptionalismspecial obligation to security to civil libertiesdraws comparisons to the fact that this debate would not be happening in China or Russiaexceptionalism applied to both security aspect and civil liberties What reforms does he propose How substantial are theyProposed ReformsNSA will need FISA court permission to query phone databasesFederal Intl Surveillance Act almost always granted permission over the yearsafter 911 the court process stopped so this would reinstate itqueries will be limited from 3 hops to 2if they have someone suspected of terrorist activities can only look at who that person is calling not who their contact also is callingdatabase in hands of 3rd partystill dont know who or what it is going to look likepublic advocates to represent consumers FISA courtused to operate behind closed doors in secretrestrictions on spying on close alliesapologized to Germanychallenges limitationsnot super specific things will take months to set upclose allies are not delineated only addressing phone surveillance not internet or GPS surveillanceRealism and War QuestionsCan we systemize war To what extent can we develop accurate theory on warcan you really come up with a theory for war or is it always so differentWhat determines the frequency and form of interstate waridentify when war is most likely Is power a means or ends in inters tae warSecurity vs power Defensive vs offensive aimsWhen is war rational Strategic Ethicalis it ever the moral preference in a conflictStrengths and limitations of realismespecially as how conflict itself is shifting from interstate war to intrastate conflictwhat aspects carry overRealist FoundationsThe strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must Thucydides The Melian Dialogue writing a history of the Athenian and Spartan warslooks at this one episode where the Athenians were coming to take over the tiny island of Mylostold people to surrender or they would kill all the men and enslave the restthe people said they were neutral and please leave us aloneAthenians said no because Athens has the mil capability they must conquer places or lose their authority and powerState of nature is state of war Hobbes Leviathan humans in the wild without govt would be survival of the fittest mentality and innate competition human nature is competitive and everyone looks out for their best interest born this way human nature as source of warconflictclassical realism Morgenthau 1948politics governed by laws with roots in human nature individual level analysisindivid
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