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Lecture 6

Lecture 6- War, Constraints on Cooperation, and the Syrian ..
Lecture 6- War, Constraints on Cooperation, and the Syrian Case Study

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 360
Julie Norman

In the News this WeekIran uninvited to Geneva II which starts today Some Like it Hot Offensive Realism Mearsheimerbased on 5 bedrock assumptionsanarchic systemgreat powers have military capability uncertainty of other states intentions survival is primary goal great powers are rational actorssystem is such that great powers act for selfhelp and powermaximalization Hegemony Mearsheimerstrong states strive to maximize power in contract with Waltz who sees power as an end in itself seek dominance ensure securitysurvival hegemona state so powerful that it dominates over all other states are hegemons possibleregional vs global Realism and Powerhow much power is necessary to dominaterelative powerabsolute powerzero sumpositive sumvariety of meansmilitary economic diplomaticfocus is mostly military though Realism and PeaceCooperationconstraints on committing to peacestates unlikely to agree on formula for peace cannot be sure efforts will succeedconstraints on cooperationconcerns of relative gains
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