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POLI 360 - Lecture #2 (Jan. 12th)

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Political Science
POLI 360

thJanuary 12Mainstream IR3 Dimensions1NationalThe survival of the state2InternationalThe security of one state is linked to that of another state no state can be independently secure interdependence3GlobalThe globe must be the unit of analysis True security can be achieved only if countries accept peaceful norms behaviours values and practises Autonomyability to act according to ones plans intentions desiresEvery country would like to e as independent as possibleIn national security countries have mainly attempted to achieve security through military meansSecurity Dilemmaa country which while attempting to increase its own defence actually creates a less safe situation as a result of the provocation to its neighbouring states through the act of defense buildup Result arms race insecurity conflictThis is a problem for international relations because even when the mechanisms for resolving the security dilemma are apparent not all states are capable of acquiring these mechanisms all the time Mechanisms arms control communicationFour 5 types of security BuzanMilitary Security through offensive defensive or deterrent capabilities security through threat of forceEconomicCountries require access to markets
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