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POLI 360 - Lecture (Feb. 2nd)

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Political Science
POLI 360

Feb 2thWhat Is WarBiological PerspectivesRealists vs Liberals Hobbesian vs RousseaueanIs aggression part of the human condition Humans have a tendency for aggressive and intentionally destructive act is this instinctual or socialized If the latter then it may be possible to remove the tendency to aggression through education institutions etcWhat differentiates animal aggression from human aggression Animals act amorally humans have the capacity for ethicsWar is a dehumanizing act Soldiers who otherwise would not kill may not hesitate to do so in the context of war War necessitates the force of individual willeven reasonin favour of a greater necessity Group TerritoryWhen animals lose a battle for territory they leave However sometimes humans will stay on in their territory despite losses forming a group mentality and attachment to the land The protection of territories therefore becomes a group rather than individual concern Warlegalized for of systematic organized killing outside of sociopolitical boundaries This means that war is an activity unique to homo sapiens I
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