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POLI 364 - Lecture (Mar. 22nd)

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

ndMar 22Autonomist response to the question what is to be doneBoth Costa and James were active in the 60s70s Costa was present in the Italian Marxistfeminist movement and James worked in the US focusing primarily on uniting the womens liberation struggle with the workers struggle Capitalism did not initiative the subordination of women but rather converted it into a particular form the housewifeThus getting out of capitalist domination is not getting out of all dominationWhatever the liberation is for which we currently struggle it is not the final liberation Holloway But that doesnt mean the current struggle is without merit nor does it mean that the stage of liberation for which one currently struggles is without merit Costa and James capitalism depends upon the housewifeThis puts the housewife in the position of a revolutionary agent They have power which is deployed in the refusal to work in the refusal to do the actions which currently make capitalist production possible Costa and James are not seriously calling for wages for housework in this a
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