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POLI 365 - Lecture: Roman Institutions (Jan. 16)

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Political Science
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POLI 365
Jason Scott Ferrell

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Jan. 16 – Roman Institutions Res publica – public thing Roman Institutions − multiple assemblies, or legislative bodies − distinguishes them from Athenians − curiate − centuriate − tribal − plebian − senate − there is the institutionalization of the separation of powers − theoretically meant to represent all of Rome − practically different assemblies evolved to represent different interests in society − tension between public good and particular interests in society − how did these institutions harness particular interests? − Romans not necessarily in shared commonalities in the way Athenians were − it's okay if there is dispute over particular issues, as long as different groups have the ability to make their interests known − thus, there is an element of disharmony in the Roman context—and that's okay Curiate − second-largest − consisted entirely of patricians (aristocratic land-owners) − originally it was the assembly that conducted the majority of public business Gradually, political power migrates from the few to everyone − eventually, the poor have some of the greatest political power Censuriate − all adult males member of this assembly Individuals are divided by tribes (35), classes (6), and centuries (193) Of the tribes, only four are urban. Of the classes, five are reserved for the patricians. Votes are determined by tribes or classes. − indirect, representative democracy, weighted to the wealthy
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