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POLI 365 - Lecture: Arrow Against All Tyrants (Jan. 30)

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 365
Jason Scott Ferrell

Jan 30 Cromwell: voting extend to those with interest in polity Levellers: voting extend to all members, by virtue of their humanness An Arrow Against All Tyrants − not necessarily philosophical − inconsistencies in text? − target is not the King, but Parliament (House of Lords) − making an appeal on behalf of popular sovereignty, as vested in House of Commons − birthright: all individuals fundamentally the same; no one should be excluded from politics, or at least, parliamentary representation Freedom − liberty of the person − freedom to choose for yourself (self-propriety) − ability to determine our own behaviour − any attempt to determine the behaviour of others can be regarded as immoral − invasion of another's autonomy is the basic definition of tyranny − Parliament is encroaching on the public's rights; they are acting paternalistically, just as the monarchy had previously; ignoring the people's God-given liberty Equality − people are equal in light of their natural liberty, their self-propriety − equality is to be understood in a moral sense, not necessarily a political sense − everyone has the same type of self-propriety − thus, no one can tell someone else what to do, because we all have moral autonomy − there is a tie between freedom and equality − this emphasis on individual autonomy leads to contractarian approaches to politics − theological aspect to theory (Locke) − this is a rationalist theology Consent − one way individuals remain free and equal is to ground government upon consent − it is only with consent that institutions can be effective and legitimate − political authority must be understood as a form of deputation − confer limited authority upon political representative − deputation also implies that political rule should be for the common good − deputation also indicates the limits of political
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