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POLI 422 - Tsai: Women and the State in Post-1949 Rural China

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Political Science
POLI 422
Juan Wang

TsaiWomen and the State in Post1949 Rural ChinaWomen were granted full legal equality yet the social mindset did not accompany this de jure achievement Goal to shed light on the persistence of gender inequalities in socialist countries despite their ideological commitment to the emancipation of women Two issues state capacity to implement developmental strategy and the sources of gender biases Argument endurance of gender inequalities suggests the centrality of patriarchy as a sociallyconstructed system and that patriarchy may survive changes in political or economic orientations because they are deeply embedded in the very efforts themselves Theoretical ContextNeither political science nor womenindevelopment WID frameworks by themselves can explain the persistence of gender inequalities in socialist countries State development theories may demonstrate limit of state capacity in enforcing normspolicies but they do not address sources of gender biasesWID focuses only on gender bias as a consequence of capitalism which seems to be inapplicable to the current issueHowever both are helpful in identify
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