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Lecture 2

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Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

History, Part 2 Treaty of Paris Recap Combination of intergovernmental decision-making with policy initiation and management by supranational executive "Monnet method" Unanimous agreements on decisions Deal between France and Germany Lifting discrimination against G and planning production/distribution of coal/steel for both European Integration What is it? Student answers Common markets and currency Common values and rule of law Similar policies The adoption of treaties in which member states agree to cooperate in certain policy areas and delegated policy making authority to the supranational level, as well as amendments to such treaties The treaties are negotiated in intergovernmental conferences (meetings of member state govts) The decision rule is unanimity Biggest hurdle to any change, difficult to reach Necessary condition Ratification of a treaty Formal commitment of member states to a treaty, by parliamentary majorities or referendum That's how it evolves over time: with treaties Major treaties Treaty of Paris Treaty of Rome 1957 To lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe European Economic Community Bargain between creation of common market, pushed by Germany, and protection for agricultural products, pushed by France There might be some losers out of the common market, so we need to protect agri. lands Establish of free movement of goods, services, persons, and capital between member states Single Market, aka Common Market Institutions Commission: high authority, driving force of integration, neutral supranational executive that had the sole right to initiate policy Council of ministers: reps Assembly --> European Parliament Court of Justice Progress Proactive commission pushed towards goals Custom unions successfully achieved Basic reg. for Common Agri. Policy (guaranteed minimum price) Expectations high for poli. union Stalled on creation of common market Setbacks Questions of deepening and widening Supranational or intergovernmental union ? Imbalance; weight of Franco-German alliance More on economy Rift between de Gaulle and other members UK membership (France vetoed twice) F concerned that UK would undermine objectives Empty chair crisis (1965-66) Dev. of legislative system Treaty said that legis. be adopted through interaction between council, the commission, and the Euro Parliament, but there was no procedure to govern this interaction Each Treaty article specified what voting rule wou
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