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Lecture 7

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Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

The Executive Summary of Institutional Analysis As a political system According to Hix and Hoyland 1) Complex institutional framework 2) Increasing number of groups attempt to make demands on the system: member state govts, political parties, interest groups, citizens, etc. 3) EU policies cover a wide range of areas and EU law is supreme over national law In some areas, on the EU has the authority to set laws 4) Political process is a permanent feature, conducted in multiple settings on virtually every day of the year So many institutions that work all year, and together, they simply work every day, all the time Permanent state of negotiation All characteristics: executive, judicial, legislative A Dual Executive Govts have delegated powers of poli. leadership, policy implementation, and regulation to the Commission Key defining feature Executive responsibilities are therefore shared between member states and the Commission Powers are not given, they're delegated, so it's not like the EU is a supra-nation What is the Commission A cabinet and a bureaucracy Composition Cabinet: College of Commissioners composed of a President and commissioners from member states, nominated by each of them (1 per member state) Current President: José Manuel Barroso 28 members Provide the Commission's poli. leadership 5 year term Decisions taken by absolute majority, but often by consensus Collective responsibility: losing commissioners must toe the line of the majority in
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