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Lecture 19

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

Europeanization Cont'd Nanou and Dorussen Effect is relatively small compared to globalization Increase of EU constraints decreases differences between mainstream and non- mainstream, pro and anti-EU parties, and between left and right parties Measurement of party positions? Implications Do parties become less responsive to their electorate during domestic elections? Troublesome because democracy accountability comes from the fact that the electorate has a wide range of parties and ideologies to choose from Do parties recognize that they would be unable to overturn EU decisions once in office? Maybe one policy dimension like the economy, parties may have similar positions to EU constraints; however the other issues such as EU importance at the domestic level, domestic parties may have different positions Where do we see party competition instead? Reconsidering the Role of National Parties What is the role of national opposition in the EU They sit in the national parliament and have no way of knowing what's happening in the EU Chain of delegation Voters --> political parties in parliament --> govt --> cabinet ministers --> bureaucrats *see tables in slides 9 and 10* Linking domestic and European politics Parliamentary questions in the EP Scrutiny mechanism Goal: obtain info from the Commission or force policy statement Written questions, oral question, question time Forces member of the executive to make public statements National opposition excluded in the Council and have informational disadvantages in national parliaments National oppo
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