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Lecture 6

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Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

2 Appointmentand CensureTreaty of LisbonEuropean Council nominates President by QMV taking into account EP election resultsEP can veto nominated Commission Pres but only Commission as a wholeEP has used this block veto power to successfully reject individual commissioners 2004 and 2009following activist Delors Commission 19851993 completion of single market design of eco and monetary union member states chose Commission Presidents who were more sensitive to member state interests Santer Prodi Barrosomember state govts continue to nominate one Commissioner each pol is both about LeftRight partisan difference and what kind of EU member states would like more or less integration Gridlock area the core is the triangle between the 3 govts points and the SQ in the middle the Commission is the one that implements policiespotential for policy drift draw shortest line from Commission to triangle perimeter member states define a small region that the Commission has discretionary space in which to implement policy OversightComitology ensures members states can control what the commission does on a daily basis after it has been given the task to implement a policyEPcolegislatorwill demand some means to control the commission in addition to the ultimate threat of censure which is more of a procedure with legal than political foundations National Parliaments consider themselves to be the centre of leg and democratic decisionmaking will demand some control over the commission as an executive even though its very remote for access types of legal acts that can be decided in the EUtreaty of Lisbon led to many changesmajor juncture in the way that legal acts are redefinedlegislative actsordinary leg procedure council and EPspecialized procedure consolationdelegated actscommission is granted the power to supplement or amend leg actsquasileg powerdelegated acts enter into force if no objection from council or EPwhen the commission is granted power to supplement or amend leg actsgives them quasileg powers will enter inter force if there is no objectioncouncil and EP need to actively oppose it if they dont want it council or EP can revoke delegationcan say that what the commission is doing is not in line with the mandatea novel element by the Treaty of Lisbon the leg act will potentially delegate some implementing powers to the commissionimplementing actscommission is granted power to implement leg act that normally falls to member statesie if you want a particular uniform application of a policy across the EU it makes sense that there is 1 bureaucracy that does that rather than leave it to all the member states comitology procedure if the commission implements how can we know they are doing it the right wayif the member states implement how can we know they do it at allfreerider problem Comitologycontrol mechanism when EU legislators delegate power to the Commissionenables member states govts to keep track of delegated powers and intervene if necessary adds up to 300 committees with member state experts miniature versions of the Council of Ministers to the Councilproceduresadvisorycommission is not obliged to follow comitology committee opinion only to hear out their opinions first examination for more sensitive matters negative QMV by expert committeecom shall not adoptpositive QMV by expert committeecom shall adoptno opinion by expert committeecommission must go back and propose new version Parliamentary ScrutinyEPhas the right to ask oral and
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