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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

European Council summit first ever to be held in Augustarranged because EU leaders couldnt agree on appointment of1 president of the Councilrole oversee meetings find common ground with leadersnew Council pres is Donald Tusk Polish PM has hawkish posture towards Russia his predecessor Mr Van Rompuy was great at building consensus during eurozone crisis Angela Merkel Ger and Tusk are close allies will bolster Tusks position Br are a natural partner2 high representative for foreign affairsFederica Mogherini Italys foreign minister appointed EUs high rep for foreign affairs not unanimous selection bc Lituanian Pres Grybauskaiteabstainedappointment shows big countries are determined to retain control over crunch FP issues jobs discussion was swiftly resolvedtwo harder matters1 how to help slow European economynot on the summits set agendaItalian PM Matteo Renzi brought it up hates Germanle
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