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Lecture 7

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Political Science
POLI 451
Sven- Oliver Proksch

Logisticsconferences start this weekpreparation for final paperdebate teams of 2clarification of lecture readings current eventseverything discussed in lectures readings and conferences is fair game for the examspecial guest on November 25 The European Councilwe have alluded to the Council several times now but havent gone into detailone of the institutions that at the very moment when you read the news is probably the one most exposed in the articles meetings of heads of state and govtnot recognized as a formal EU institution until Lisbon Treatywasnt clear what its role should be visavis what the other committeesgroupings doformal competences limited but high profile compositionThe European Council Functionsgeneral political guidelines strategic directiontreaty reform and conditions for enlargementdiscuss global developments FPFP is the one area that still requires unanimity appointment power Comm Pres High Rep European Central Bank board membersno formal leg role just an executive bodyComm Pres and EC PresTreaty of Lisbon installs a permanent pres of the EC to chair its meetingsnew president Donald Tusk former Polish PMelected by EC for 25 years renewablerole silent consensus broker behind closed doors in the ECno administrative role an arbiter European Council Conclusionssummary minutes of the meetingimmediate output of meetingscontent analysis using a topical coding schemewhat policy issues do heads of govt deal withformally the EC cant change anything because leg process in the EUbased on bicameral systemLegislative Politics the EU is essentially a bicameral systemthe Council and the EP are veto players in the leg processright of leg initiative Commission political representationCouncil represents member state govt interestsEP represents European citizensWhich other pol system has a comparable bicameral arrangement Germany because of the second chamber you have sub federal elections in each state coalition formation process state govt sends a rep to the second chamber Bundestag in Berlinthink of in the US it would be like a governor send
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