POLI 211 Lecture Notes - Westminster System, Sonia Gandhi, Class Conflict

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- russia revolution of 1918 was due to marixism
- theory of revolutions appealed to marxism/communism
- their social base was not an industrial base (peasant communism, difference in china
and russia though)
- revolutions contribute to mass globalization but they also can lead to brutal and
oppressive political regimes
- mexican revolution is slight different because it was a culmination of a liberation from
- it wasn't made on those kind of ideological grounds
- iranian revolution is less about class struggle and modernization and more on
asserting national identity which is lead in turn to extreme forms of conformity and
human rights violations
- variations in revolutions
- variations in outcomes and accomplishments of these revolutions
- as a rule, the paradox of revolution prevails, there is social mobilization and brutal
oppressive regimes
Exploitation and resistance
- elliot reading, personal geography, old time bombay
- james scott piece:
- attempt to understand what can the weak do
- "the weapons of the weak"
- each form of labor control/payment is likely to generate its own distinctive form
of quiet resistance and counter-appropriation
- resistance is not necessarily directed at the immediate source of appropriation
- resistance as thought and symbol
- brings us back to stationary bandits
- large scale peasant uprisings are few and far between
- better to focus on everyday forms of local resistance from those who resist to
have labor, food, tax, and rents extracted
- what are human beings to do when faced with oppressive regimes (colonial or
post colonial regimes)
- opens the way for a better understanding of the challenge of how you move
from one political system (colonial) to another, how the repertoire of domination and
liberation can be very difficulty
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