POLI 211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Canadian Labour Congress, Social Gospel, Progressivism

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February 15th, 2018
Lecture 11: New Democratic Party
Focusing on the New Democratic Party (NDP) to look at the most recent Quebec
NDP: socialist, orange wave, left
Some people say that there is no class politics in Canada, even though there is a strong
socialist tradition
Class is not a key part of our cleavage structure
A Class-less Politics
Cabada: classes, but no class politics?
What of the “modernity” thesis
There are classes and inequality in Canada, so we should have more
class-based politics, class should structure the vote even more (but this
does not happen in Canada)
Consistent finding that region, language, and religion are more important than class
Catholicism correlates with Liberal support → shown in election studies (this
may be eroding though)
NDP: A party for the working class?
They have said that they champion the working class, but do they really? This
class will discuss these things with a focus on Quebec
From CCF to the NDP
Canadian Commonwealth Federation (CCF) founded in 1933: socialist, populist,
agrarian, social gospel. Got a lot of support during the dirty 30s from Alberta
Tommy Douglas: CCF MP 193t5-1944, then CCF Premier of Saskatchewan,
1958 federal election: CCF routed
How to become a competitive party of the left in Canada? Cement a political
relationship with labour unionism
1961: NDP founding convention
Relationship with the Canadian Labour Congress
Individual members and affiliate members through union locals
Douglas: NDP leader 1961-1971
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