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Lecture 5

POLI 212 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Meritocracy

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

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Lecture 5
1. Bunce – the issue of the east / west divide
Rational legal states: typically occurring state in western Europe
Clear distinction between public and private and state and society
A rational legal bureaucracy is meritocracy
Well defined duties and responsibilities
Patrimonial state
The boundaries of public and private are blurred
Territory is part of the household economy of the ruler or prince – it is administered as such
There is no distinction from a public and private sphere
State offices can be considered a form of private property – they can passed on / bought and sold
Patronage politics is more important
You don’t have a separate state apparatus
They tend to be associated with economies that have not made a transition to industrialization
They are not fully monetized
They may have tremendous arbitrary power over subjects
They have not penetrated societies – they aren’t intertwined with social organizations
They are organized around exploitation of resources from society for little in return
Rational legal states have infrastructural power – they aren’t parasitic on society
they have sunk roots into society
there is reciprocity between what’s taken and what’s provided.
They tend to distribute public goods that are provided – delivered to certain groups.
The distinction is not the only distinction, but it is the most striking contrast
It is more basic than any other division (there are obviously other divisons)
It predates state socialism – it is not an artifact of the Cold War
The differences are durable
The division will still be seen after the collapse of communism
The historical mold is set in early history
If the pattern repeats, then it implies determinism
Russia will personify the East in the East/West division
Ottoman, Hapsburg and Russian empires collapsed
Only Russia, committing to socialist principles, survived
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