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Definition: To seek influence a politician or public official on an issue, derives from the practice of
frequenting the lobby of a house of legislature to influence its members into supporting a cause.
There is an aspect of inappropriateness to lobbying, people bribing politicians to pass legislature
favouring the organization/company they represent.
What determines success?
You have to be there, developing relationships
Develop a profile
make yourself known to those creating policy
Have mutual interest (park managers looking to spend money they already have)
Providing useful information
Demonstrating that there is an attentive or mobilized constituency
support of the target or client group
Timing (coincided with an interest by policy makers of doing something with the park)
Lobbying: Bad
Capture theory: interest groups with resources will capture policy actors
Private, not public, interest
Don't represent “the grassroots”, but astroturf
The sleaze factor
Either real or perceived conflicts of interest (between lobbyists and those that they lobby)
Friends doing favours for friends
Exchanging money for favours
They are about mobilizing a small, fake constituency. The community they represent is not as large as
they claim to be.
Lobbying: Good
Not all interests in society are represented in Parliament
Gregory Hein: Interest group litigation
Those who we deem to be less powerful have a way to intervene in parliament and be
heard, they can have a more important role in influencing policy. This could include
women, aboriginal people, lesbian, gay, transgendered. This is the argument that Gregory
Hein makes in his article.
The public is served through sound policy development
Interest groups provide information
an example may be caping how much mercury can be emitted by coal burning facilities ...
policy makers have no clue, but lobbyists can provide them with information about what
amount would be appropriate or sufficient.
consultation with interest groups is required
in order to meet the larger public interest, it is required.
Lobbying Act 2008
Manage the cons while not unduly hampering the ability of policy makers to consult
Legal definitions: Communication with a public office holder by a paid individual on behalf of
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