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Regionalism in Canada
A politics of territory:
The territorialization of politics:
It is similar to federalism in that it allows this idea that you can do things differently in certain spaces
within a certain political unit. Regionalism becomes a way of addressing diversity, preferences ...
What is a natural kind of region? Does it come down to geography?
Economics, grain which come from the prairie provinces compared to the timber industry in BC
The prairies is a region because they are more alike than they are different.
Our institutions come from the concept of natural boundary.
Or possibly regions become institutionalized as such due to political actors
Canadian institutions have a job of managing regional diversity.
Regions may also be dependent on time frame ... experience ...
Boudreau: use territory as an instrument to achieve your goals
the creation of a region is not the goal, there has to be a reason besides creating another bureaucracy.
Key Questions
Where do regions come from?
Natural boundaries
political constructions
playing the region card
how are regions perpetuated politically?
Canada: Region as a source of cleavage or diversity in this country that must also be managed
regionalism is about creating a new territorial arrangement in order to attain political goals
this means that there will be losers and winners under the new structure
this is why you can appreciate the political conflict under regionalization
Pro Montreal Region
globalization: It was a mega city which would accomplish ...
global competitiveness
creating a large urban center to compete with (New York, London, Berlin, Shanghai)
harness greater efficiencies
create a more competitve montreal in a context where economic pressures were viewed as global
Redistribution: Talks to a fundamental argument about fairness and equity across the island
Cities have no legislative power, it is the government who is the main actor
Anti montreal region
Linguistic/sovereign divide
anglophone suburbanites developed certain institutions on the local level and viewed urban
politics as critical to furthering their own development
this urbanization was an attack on their government
Local autonomy
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