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Political Science 222
Lecture 7
February 2, 2012
Federal Government Finance 2010-2011
Total expenses $270.5 B
o Of which $30.9 is debt servicing
Total revenues $237.1 B
Deficit %33.4
Transfers: Payment to a third party for which no good or service is received
o The federal government is not contracting to provide service or good, it is an entity not
part of the federal government
o It will increase exponentially
Total Transfers $157.9 B
o To Individuals: $46.1B
o To province/territory: $67.7 B
o Canadian Health Transfer is the largest
o Fiscal capacity, every province has a sponge, but the amount of water in each sponge is
different, but it depends how much water you can squeeze out (equalization fund)
Aboriginal Politics
Central Ideas
o Citizenship
A package of rights
How should the relationship be between the two?
What are the criteria Aboriginal people feel that should be the motivating factor
should be in their community and in Canada?
Some people will adopt the normative position, that Aboriginal sovereignty
cannot be accommodated other say that there can
There is no consensus on how most positions can be, or across Canadian society
of how things should be
o Fundamental questions that citizenship raises when addressing aboriginal politics
Is Canadian citizenship for aboriginal people within Canadian borders
appropriate or inappropriate?
Should an aboriginal right to sovereignty co-exist with or be accommodated
within Canada?
Green Paper: Policy of discussion paper
White Paper: A statement of government policy that has the backing of the
government of the day
Sovereignist/Separate Citizenship Pole
Canadians and Aboriginals must be separate
There can be no loyalty
Mohawk Political thought,
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