Political Science 222 lecture 18.docx Lobbying

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Political Science 222
March 29, 2012
Lecture 16.5
Video: David Broder
The general concept of interest groups, they don’t engage in Canada
The impact in a policy group is much greater in the US over Canada
It’s not so much about access to who you have, it’s the groups
Oxford definition
(UK) any of several large halls in the houses of parliament in which MP’s may meet
members of the public
The verb to lobby, to seek to influence a politician or public official on an issue, derives
from the practise of frequenting the lobby of a house of legislature to influence its
members into supporting a cause
Negative controversy
It is an important aspect of sleaze
o Either real or perceived conflicts of interest
o Friends doing favours for friends
o Exchanging money for favours
Capture theory: interest groups with resources will capture policy actors
o Private, not public, interest
o Don’t represent “The Grassroots”, but astroturf
Interest groups are there to mobilize a constituency; the size of the community is not always as large as
they claim it to be
February 2009
Photo on Antoine st Germaine of 8 years old, picture of him snowboarding, lobbied for a snow park on
ile stehelene, and wrote a 50 page explanation, complete with examples of other parks (worked on it for
a year and a half)
Lobbying can be successful
You have to present
Responsibility of making policy
Park managers how to spend money they already had
Mutual interest
Demonstrating there is an attentive or mobilized constituency
o Anotine got 300 signatures
o He made claims to represent a wider constituency
Support to the target or client group
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