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Political Science 222
April 5 2012
Article by Antonia Maioni
Why does America have a different Health Policy to Canada?
Public & a bit Private
Need a healthcare card
Greater role for provision healthcare insurance
Healthcare that is provided for everyone, Universal
More of a commercial product
Most procedures covered by the government
Smaller role by the state
Publically funded system health insurance
Funded for the poor (Sub set of poor)
Funding for the elderly (Many requirements)
They have publically funded healthcare insurance
to targeted members (must meet eligibility)
When public sector does not act, private sector
“Universal versus Targeted
It is surprising that there is a large difference even though we have similarities (economy, timing
industrialization, both federations, political cultures, starting points)
Many ways we started from the same kind of place, how can we understand the difference
Early 1930’s both CND & US, begin health system
Perhaps explained by stronger or weaker labour movement?
There was a lobby on the left in the US
Institutions impacted it as well, different political structures had different impacts
o It is because we are parliamentary
o We have a different federation
o Institutional factors
o Made it possible for Canada, for health care to be universal over the US
o Incremental approach was the only way
o (Main argument)
o Critical period 1940-1965, time where basic principles, where different responses were
both set
o Any reform proposals had to deal with what was already there
How did these institutions create these incentives?
o How did these institutions cause for this to happen?
o Canada
CCF, anchored provincially
Have leverage in the house of commons,
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