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Political Science 222
Lecture 5
January 26, 2012
Mock Midterm
Define the following terms: (2 Marks each)
The Clarity Act
Social Realism
S.41 of the Constitutions Act
Please Identify the Following: (3 Marks each)
Faron Ellis’s argument of how the Conservative Party must define itself ideologically in order to
Please answer the following questions: (10 marks)
What are 2 different theories underlying Canada’s federal bargain? What implications do these
theories hold for constitutional amendment processes in this country?
Lecture 7 & 8: Regionalism in Canada
Politics of territory
o In order to make political demands real they must be anchored in a place
Territorialisation of politics
o Similar to federalism, you could do things differently in different spaces,
o A way of addressing diversity, different preferences of citizens
o A region can have an impact in politics without being just described as a province
Key Questions
Where do regions come from?
o “Natural” boundaries?
Regions are not just organic or natural
Regions can be defined by an interest of various criteria
Natural region; defined by a geography (i.e Rocky Mountains, Alberta)
Legal division between provinces reflect that natural boundary
Certain economic and agriculture come from the geography from different
provinces (British Columbia, fishery)
Pattern of immigration,
Regions are more alike than different (Midwest Provinces)
Our institutions come from a concept of a natural region
o Political constructions
Playing the region card
Regions come institutionalized because of fundamental politics
Julie Boudreau
How are regions perpetuated politically?
o Regional diversity cannot simply be reduced to a discussion about federalism, it usually
does but goes beyond this
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