POLI 222 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Memory Consolidation

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Political Science
February 16, 2012
Lecture 10: Party Systems
Voter’s choice (over what?) Electoral Rules Legislative seats (organized how?)
Parties have influences on how things are organized in legislature
Political parties have a key role to play in forming voters choices, argue what their continental
choices are about
Political parties: Key to democratic development
Adam Przewonski, “Democracy is a system in which parties lose elections”
Quality of a democracy is linked to the development of competitive party system
o Having just one party therefore is not enough to think of democracy to be a flourishing
political reality
How do party systems change?
o Change in electoral rules
o Change in underlying bases of party support
Need to understand the voter
Cleavages support
Important dimensions? That have an impact on voters making a choice
o There’s different party systems and transitions
A Spatial Theory of Voting
How to voters decide on candidates?
Ex. Voters, care about the candidates position vis a vis for
Also we assume that it’s the majorities system, the one with the
most votes wins
In the middle we have a “Median voter” splits the distribution in half,
One party “donkey party” talks about his campaign, he wins because there is no one
else there to vote for therefore he wins, they vote for the closest one there
Concept of Nash Equilibrium, I’m happy with my choices given while, everyone else is happy
with what they are doing, if that is true for everyone involved then that is a Nash equilibrium
Political Parties
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