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Political Science 222
January 31, 2012
Perpetuating Regionalism Continued
Our political party system is quite regionalized
o National Party, Liberal Party of Canada (Major party) in 1997 won all but one seat in ON
o Under Trudeau Government always had equal representation in Ontario and Quebec
Federal Parties
o Do not have candidates in all regions of the party
Bloc Quebecois
Canadian Alliance
Provincial Party System
o Don’t compete federally, solely provincially
Saskatchewan Party
Parti Quebecois
Red Rose
United Farmers of Alberta
Not as simple as the US, democrat, republican on a federal level
Managing Regionalism
Regionalism and central institutions
o House of Commons
o Senate
Senates ability to act as a regional voice is tarnished
It is not to fix regional issues it is it to fix democratic problems
105 seats Total
24 Maritimes
24 ON
24 Western Canada
24 Quebec
6 Newfound land & Labrador
1 for each territory
o Cabinet
Forms executive of the government
PM chooses whomever he wants, usually members of his party from the house
or senate, they become central executives
Assigned cabinet portfolios and hold legal responsibility
PM when choosing cabinet, 40 favourite people? 20 components people? Or are
there other constraints? Usually represented by regions
Anne McLennan
o Supreme Court
9 Justices appointed by PM
3 from QC
3 from ON
3 from rest of Canada
o First Ministers Conferences
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