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30 Mar 2012
11 Gender, Politics, and Development
Gender & social inequality
- Access to political and economic power is unevenly distributed among social classes, or (usually)
among ethnic groups
- It is also not evenly distributed on the basis of gender
- Women still earn less than men even when they have similar education and work experience
o not much difference between developed and developing in income inequality
- No developing region has equal legal, social, and economic rights for both men and women
- Higher percent of women in ___ positions in developed than developing
- Primary and secondary enrollment ratios have improved, but not parliamentary representation
Gender Gap
- Men and women have measurable differences in political views and priorities
- Different views on what’s going on in the world around them (because in a way, living in
different parts of that world)
- Yet, unlike class and ethnicity, gender is rarely a major basis for political cleavage… why?
Gender roles
- May be seen as natural order of things, even by women
- Easy to hate the people “over there” rather than your own family/spouse/etc.
- Sources of gender roles
o Culture
Global patriarchy
o Development
Both positive and negative effects
o External influences
British only saw men as house/land owners
Some policies might contribute to equality schools for women that
didn’t exist before
Can be positive powerful female role models (through TV?)
Can be seen as culturally threatening and lead to tightening of traditions
War & conflict
Iran/Iraq war many men at the military front, women had to take over
Rwandan genocide tons of men were murdered, and women were
forced to take on bigger roles
- Over time we see better economic standing for women across the globe, but not political roles
- Gender attitudes:
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