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POLI 231 - Antigone

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 231
Arash Abizadeh

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family ties vs political ties
religious (Antigone) vs Political (Creon)
Natural law vs positive law
morality vs law
men vs women
young (impetuosity) vs old (wisdom)
Good vs Evil
Individual vs Collective
Public vs Private
Passion vs Wisdom
The nature of the regime: Authoritarian vs Responsive
Political legitimacy = ability to maintain order
Legitimacy of law > conferring to objective standard of morality?
Do objective standards exist? If they exist, can human beings know them?
Law > responsive to subjects?
Unintended Consequences
intends to raise family issue
unintentionally challenges political order
unintentionally turns against family member (sister)
intends to raise political issue
unintentionally challenges family issues (familial relationships with all
major characters)
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