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POLI 231 - Wolf

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 231
Arash Abizadeh

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Authority: the right to command> the right to be obeyed
Not the same as power.
To obey a command: to do simply because of the authority of the commander,
absent of an independent line of reasoning
Wolf believes that the State should be followed only when the action is also
arrived at and justified by independent reasoning.
does not believe that doing something simply because of the authority of
the commander is justified
Philosophical anarchism
believes the autonomy of an individual is incompatible with command
One exception is unanimous direct democracy > impractical
legitimacy is derived from the autonomy of individuals
Arguments against democracy:
1) Social contract theory – Wolf views it as the willful abdication of autonomy
2) Majoritarianism – no different from giving autonomy up to a monarch
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