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POLI 244 Lecture Notes - Morphine, Counter-Insurgency, Al-Qaeda

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

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Article V
Canada and the US
Operation enduring Freedom
Pursuing Al-Qaeda into Afghanistan
Iraq substitution
To compensate for the lack of presence in Iraq
Mostly peacekeeping in Kabul
North --> West --> South --> East
Making a difference
Kandahar is not the most violent place in the country
Canada got it because we were late
Paul Martin wanted more influence and impact in this mission, compared to other
international missions
Doing the minimum
Canada is leaving Kandahar by June 2011
Staying in Kabul and a bit elsewhere to train Afghan military/police forces
US-led, ad hoc
Direct influence
State-building, counter-insurgency
Multilateral, institutionalized
One of 27 countries, hard to be heard
Changes in the CF
From peacekeeping to three blocks war
Not just Canada, enemy gets a vote
Regime change
From Henault/Maddison to Hillier
Different experiences
Somalia vs Bosnia
Peacekeepers are the first to get killed, because then their nation will bring
back all of their troops to the homeland
More discretion
Can be forgiveness than ask permission
Domestic Politics of War
The pacifist public
Getting killed, doing the killing?
People were not used to the idea of offensive Canada
The relevance of Quebec
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