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Lecture 1

POLI 325D2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: John Boehner, Voluntary Association, Jousting

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 325D2
Harold Waller

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4 conference sections in LEA-517
Wednesday 11:35
Thursday 1:35
Thursday 4:35
Friday 1:35
late January (date TBD)
another exam on Part III in late March, after the term paper
New Congress
first order of business is to elect leadership for the two new houses (Reps have maj. in both)
number of disgruntled conservatives unhappy with Boehner leadership (being tested by 2
he’ll still win and become speaker
leg. that will be passed in the house now has a good chance of being passed in the Senate
because of the tradition of unlimited debate in the Senate, filibustering might occur
very much shapes procedures in the Senate
to pass a bill ag. a determined opposition by the minority, you have to shut down
debate (close debate), requiring 60 votes (Reps only have 54)
force Pres. to veto bills that the objects to
jousting for the 2016 presidential campaign
going to have to compromise, which will be fair and few
watch for the SC decision on the challenge to Obamacare
Interest Groups
pol. resources
generally voluntary association, so anyone can join or choose not to join
have pol. objectives, which makes them interest groups
number of members and number of identifying non-members all contribute to
the strength of the group
economic and social resources
in order to carry out interest group activities, you need money
you want staff, Washington offices, hire lobbyists, travel, do research, put out
unions get this through union dues
other associations use membership fees
members from higher SES segments of the population are more effective
because they bring people of prestige to the table
organization that represents the poor wouldn’t be able to raise the money to be
an interest group
degree of involvement
think NRA heavy involvement in anti-gun leg.
committed and active membership that can be mobilized if there is an
anti-gun bill in Congress
the permanent staff
paid lobbyists
research staff
executive VP
leadership becomes the paid professionals
ex. the face of the NRA is a paid professional
ex. face of labour: Trumka
status quo
easier to maintain status quo than it is to innovate
ex. carbon tax (consumers and industry opposed)
putting pressure on legislators
organize opinion
define public policy problems, then begin to mount pressure to deal with these
march, demonstration, press campaign, seeking out particular members
of congress
politicize the issue
ex. emphasize a pattern of repeated police brutality ag. black people
mobilize voters and $
coercion and persuasion
boycotts, collective bargaining, strikes
ways in which they deal with the public
non-classical lobbying: targeting executive branch
official action
get enough people aligned with the group elected to Congress
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