POLI 347 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Kataeb Party, First Intifada, Peace Movement

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28 Nov 2012
Tipping Points? From Lebanon to First Intifada
Wars Continued: Lebanon
- 1970s PLO moves from Jordan to Lebanon
- 1975 start of Lebanese Civil War
o Israel allies with Phalangists (particular sect of Christians from Lebanon) to secure
border area (south)
o 78 Israel invades S. Lebanon (large civilian population lost); UN deploys UNIFIL
(interim forces in Lebanon more humanitarian than capable of stopping
o Israel pressures Lebanon to expel PLO
o 1982 OP. Peace for Galilee, Israeli siege on S. Lebanon & Beirut
Sabra & Shatila lots of women & children killed in the camps, carried out
mostly by Phalangists, Israel didn’t intervene and facilitated indirectly
Aftershocks & Legacy of Lebanon War
- Continued Israeli presence in Lebanon
- Polarization in Israel over justifications of war
o Emergence of Israeli peace movement
- Transfer of PLO from Lebanon to Tunis
o As it keeps getting removed & booted loses legitimacy as a spokesperson for
o See new groups & leaders (political & military) in West Bank & Gaza (e.g. Hamas)
o Emergence of secular groups and leaders as well
- First Intifada 1986-1991
- Start of peace process?
Waltz with Bashir (2008)
- What is the purpose of the film?
- What was the Lebanon War like for those directly involved?
- How do the film’s themes relate to more recent events?
- How does the trauma of war affect individuals and societies?
- Is there relative culpability in conflict? To what extent is Israel responsible for Sabra &
Shatila massacres?
- How might Israeli/Palestinian audiences respond to the film?
- How does the mix of real/surreal and animation/ …?
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