POLI 364 - Lectures (Mar 27 & 29)

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Mar 27th
Autonomism as a Theoretical Passage
Autonomism marks the disillusion of “class” as a sociological category. It is a theory
of capital without class.
Classical Marxism relied on a sociologically constituted working class. Thus, the
revolutionary agent is tied to a specific time and location. They are a what.”
Parallel to that is a structural definition: whoever is exploited by capital constitutes
the working class. This is paired with the notion of capitalism as a constantly
changing, constantly revolutionary system.
Thus, this then necessarily implies that the constitution of the working class is
constantly changing as well -> contradiction.
The autonomists argue that everyone is a member of the working class; as a result,
class ceased to become an important concept in new radical political thought.
Holloway: we all do, and as our doing contributes to propping up capitalism, we are
all the exploited.
This upends the prior political projects of radical thought. The emancipation of the
working class cannot be the taking power of the working class.
What are we to do?
The goal is not to create a world without labour, but to find a practise of struggle
against the organization of labour.
Perhaps though, the goal of the struggle actually lies within the form and
movement of struggle.
Communism is not the ideal end of struggle, but rather the movement of struggle
Utopian immediatism -> Communization; communism is not the end of our actions,
but is found in the actions themselves.
However, this gives no criteria by which one can evaluate and improve the various
forms of struggle.
Thus, there is an attempt to analyze the experience of analyzing the groups. (?)
Tiqqun -> seeks to invent a new language.
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