POLI 422 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Relative Deprivation, Homicide

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2 Oct 2014
Lecture 6
Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Common mistakes with the essays
Democracy, RoL, accountability
Balance between answering questions and “grounding” your answers on
Avoid summarizing in the 4 pages
Organization matters: how you present your arguments should be in a way that makes
sure you address all your questions
Writing matters: also impacts how convincing you are
Each essay is 16.6% of your grade in the class
Last week
Judicialization of politics: fewer limits on judiciary involvement
More powerful courts, new role for judges, more rights
Expansion of constitutional rights (Bolivia)
Culture: ideas, actors, institutions  everything matters
Culture as catch all explanation
Politicization of the judiciary
Gender and the rule of law
oWhat are gender/women issues and what defines them
oWomen representation
oPolicies on gender issues
Same sex marriage (aka equal marriage)
Other issues: domestic violence
Crime and Insecurity
Crime, Insecurity and the RoL
What is the connection between crime and the rule of law?
Does it affect the thin or thick version of RoL?
oDepends on what reason the crime is being committed
oi.e. homicide = both versions
oHow is personal property affected by crime?
Robberies would affect personal property
oPersonal safety  injury, death, murder, etc.
Vertical or horizontal dimensions of the RoL?
oVertical – if there’s crime and the state isn’t acting upon it that's an issue
oHorizontal – affects the relationship between people
In LA, there are huge concerns about insecurity and crime
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