POLI 444 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Independent Diplomat, Papal Diplomacy, United Nations Economic And Social Council

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Lecture 11
Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Diplomacy in the Global Age
Globalization has changed things
oHistorically, politics has been territorial but its not the case anymore
oGeographical location does not matter anymore
oSocial relations, politics are not related to territory
Deterritorialization of social relationships
Increased social density has many implications for diplomacy – historically the main
form of international intercourse
Who are the diplomats today?
oi.e. Denis Rodman goes to North Korea and is friends with the leader
oi.e. Celebrities speaking on behalf of those suffering in Africa
oMilitary is playing a large role in diplomacy now  before the military and
diplomats were separate but now (i.e. in Afghanistan) many military officers
sit with local representatives to look for diplomatic solutions to issues
oPapal diplomacy – pope doesn't represent a territory (his constituency isn’t
territorially based but he represents a large number of people)
oEconomists, lawyers are all getting involved in foreign policy making
Diplomats are legitimate because they represent a territorial polity sometimes
There are sources of diplomacy that speak for human kind
oUniversal values as opposed to territory
There are state agents whose representation is based on territory and others whose
representations are based on expert knowledge or values instead
Experts do not compromise on their science
oThey will delegitimize territorial claims by not compromising on the science
for values that others have
States are now delegating many diplomatic functions to NGOs (by funding)
oEvent diplomatic consultants exist for this purpose
Independent Diplomat
The border between private and public diplomacy is becoming
Public actors are delegating their authority to private actors
much more now
oNGOs rely on state funding therefore they engage in tight relationships with
the state
There are new sets of relationships between actors that did not occur in the past
There has been an evolution from a club configuration to a network configuration of
oClub – the cost of entry was high and based on state legitimacy
Secret and exclusive
Rationale: “the more secretive they were, the more compromises/better
the diplomacy was”
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