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PSYC 100
James Mac Dougall

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DAY ONEWEB CT Two midtermsOct 6 25 during class time Multiple choice November 3 25 during class timeFinal 50 cumulative whole coursewaited for second part obviouslyOffice hours Tuesday 12145 in Stewart N 718 aTextbookpsychology scienceOne day talk to him about Inuit peoplePsychologythe mind 4 levels of analysis reflecting common research methodsoBiologicalbrain and all the chemical activity in relationship to behaviour Brain systems neurochemistry genetics neuroananatomy animal research brain imaging neurotransmitters hormones drug studies gene mechanisms heritability twinadoption studiesoIndividualbehavioural psychologyIndividual differences perception and cognition behaviour personality gender developmental age groups selfconcepts thinking decision making language memory seeing hearing observable actions responses physical movementsoSocialworking together as a grou
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