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Lecture 4

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PSYC 100
James Mac Dougall

Lecture 4thSeptember 13 2011Quizmultiple choice from book test bankmust follow the book and look at the chapter summaries practice testsStudy of animals is very important for psychologyoSpecific gene taking ingetting outoBig jump between lower animals and humans therefore lots of problemsoHypotheses that if theres a behaviour in some group of animals thats the way humans really want to behave dogeatdog worldEthicsoIn modern sciencereview boards and ethical review importantoWATCH JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBOURGoMaking own ethical decisions not following othersoExampleMilgram experimentshock experiments FIGURE 1223One participant instructed to shock from another room a participant is sitting in the other chair The first participant hears the shocked person in the other room and is reassured that it will be okay to continue shocking the person despite the fact that the shocked person wanted them to stop Although the people were extremely hurt the shocker did not stop beca
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