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PSYC 100
Daniel J Levitin

September 21 I have two announcements to make1First regarding the midterm if youre in ECON 208 or PHGY 314 those classes have priority over this one Meaning in a large university in 30 000 students you can imagine that thered be scheduling conflicts for things like midterms So they set up a priority system If youre taking ECON 208 or PHGY 314 those exams have priority over ours So what you need to do is email one of the TAs Joanna or Sarnie and tell them you have a conflict and theyll find an alternate time for you to take our midterm Now with respect to ECON 208 there are two sections of that class only one of those has a conflict with ours So you cant simply be enrolled in any old ECON 208 you have to be enrolled in the ECON 208 that has the midterm on the same evening as ours If youre enrolled in the other section youre not eligible to take ours at a different time You have to take ours when its given Some of you have been writing saying I only have a conflict if you put me in the early midterm or if you only put me in the late midterm We blocked out a three or four hour stretch that night because half of you are going to take it first and half of you are going to take it second And thats gonna be computer by some random algorithm and youll be notified on webCT the morning of the midterm if youre taking it early or late But nobodys gonna know until the day of whether youre in early or late So again if you have a conflict its a conflict not a conditional conflict Its not conditional that youre either in the early or late If you have a conflict you can notify the TAs and theyll put you at another time If youre taking any other classany other class at allthat has a midterm the same day that we do we have priority over them and no matter what your professor says he or she has to accommodate you and give you a midterm at a different time We have priority over everyone else No matter how much your other professor may bellyache and complain theyre violating McGill regulations if they wont accommodate you You can come talk to me and then if youre not getting satisfaction from your professor come talk to me and then Ill talk to them Just by show of hands how many people are taking ECON 208 or PHGY 314 I see I have about a dozen people to deal with Now you can elect not to take our midterm Just to clarify as it says on the syllabus if you dont take the midterm for any reason then the final automatically counts for 100 So if you end up in the hospital I hope you dont but if you end up in the hospital and get sick dont bother showing up with a doctors note because theres no way you can take a makeup The only legal way you take a makeup in this class is if you have a conflict with one of the aforementioned classes If youre sick if youre out on a sporting event if your bus is late or any other reason that you dont show up to the midtermmaybe you wake up that morning and you just decide hell with it I dont feel like taking this midterm today or you walk all the way here and then you think ehhh and you walk back home your final just counts for 100 Now I dont recommend that you dont take the midterm Im not recommending that you take the final for 100 Everything we know about cognitive psychology and learning says that youre gonna be better off having two chances to show us what you know rather than one But youre all adults so technically speaking if you havent figured it out the midterm isnt mandatory I mean it is but theres no enforcement right If all of you just dont show up thats fine You take the final for 100 But in the past students who take the midterm are much better off theyre more prepared for the final because theyve seen the kinds of questions were going to ask and theyve also got an average of two marks I mean just think if you dont feel like taking the midterm just think what happens if you dont feel like taking the final or youre sick the day of the finalthen youre really stuck and youve only got one grade to rely on 2The second announcement I have is that some of you contacted me because youre in a financial situation that didnt allow you to buy the textbook and if youre one of those people who previously contacted me and havent be taken care of come see me after class I have two copies of the textbook that the publisher gave me to help with just such a situation So thats that So the next thingIve got a powerpoint presentation today and Im going to have another one on Thursday but I dont want to lull you into a false sense of powerpoint security This is not going to be the norm The only reason Im resorting to this ancient technology that all of you have had since grammar school is because Im going to be talking about perception and I want to be able to show you some visual illusions and it seems pretty hard to talk about visual illusions without showing them to you But the normal thing in the class is that Im just going to talk and hopefully youre going to listen and participate and it wont normally be like this But I will post these slides on the web on webCT as soon as I get back from lecture today
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