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McGill University
PSYC 100
Daniel J Levitin

October 21 2010Hi everybody So the exam the midterm is a week from today And Im going to tell you a little more about it and Im going to give you some study tips Again there are going to be two seatings randomly assigned youre going to wake up Thursday morning and youre going to log into mycourses the same website weve been using to post discussion youll see an announcement that tells when youre supposed to show up to the midterm exam in this room Youll either have to show up at 7 and by 7 I mean in your seat by 7 Theres a class that meets just before until 650 or 655 they should be able to get out and you should be able to be in yourseats by 7 At 715 the doors will lock And you wont be able to come in so if you show up at716 dont complain you were only a minute late no you werent you were 16 minutes late Be there at 7 Then the TAs will hand out the exam and youll take the exam around 720 If everyones there and no one is late youll have an hour to do it until 820 If theyre nice theyll put 5 minute and 10 minute warnings on the chalkboard in front so you know If you find a question in the beginning that is difficult I suggest that you skip it and go to the next one and come back to it because there are 53 or so questions and you have an hour so you cant afford to spend more than a minute or so on each one so you want to get through them all I dont think there are any trick questions So there arent any that require you to have an advanced degree in logic to even understand what were asking so it wont be like trying to decipher whether or not you can park on Crescent St it wont be like its not the case that nobody who never took this drug didnt experience this side effect Its not going to be all that kind of stuff like no parking on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 130 and 630 unless its a snow holiday and May or something like that So youll work your way through the questions If you finish early you should stay in your seat The problem is with the way the room is configured if you want to get up most of you have to climb over other people and disrupt them So normally the way we do exams here is that youre stuck here You have to stay the entire hour if you have to go to the bathroom unless its an emergency youre expected to hold it So youre here for the hour everyone leaves at oncevery orderly The most likely scenario there will be TAs at every exit and you can leave from whatever exit you like but after the exam is over you should line up single file and as you exit you hand in the answer sheet and the booklet that has all the questions on it and we have to get one of those from each of you Were going to ask you to put your name on both the question and answer sheet If we dont get one back from each of you youre going to get a 0 on the exam This is a kind of Draconian measure that has been imposed by the faculty of science because some people take the exams home with them and then sell them to people in future years or try to use them to cheat from in ways I dont quite understand But you have to hand in both Youre going to get two thingsthe booklet that has questions on it but youre not going to mark your answers on ityoull get an answer sheet a computerized sheet where you fill in bubbles Youre going to have to fill in both and your name has to be on both well check And while youre taking the exam well pass around a seating chart and youll have to write down your seat number The seat numbers written on the front of your seat and the row number So as youre filing in you do this every day So note youre in Row D and Seat 5 and write it down I apologize for all this formality thats just the way it goes the idea is that we want to create a level playing field so everyone has an equal opportunity to either do really well or go down in flames but you do it from a equal footing At about 820 youll line up and then youllleave The next group is supposed to come in by 830 Theyll be in their seats and starting theirexam by 845 or so 900 if things are running really late and then theyll take their exam and leave So youll either be at the 7 oclock seating or the 830 seating youll be notified through mycourses the morning of Thats a week from today Yes Theres no class that day I figure thatd just be torture Why would I make you come to class and take an exam on the same day Im really only allowed to occupy you for 3 hrs a week I guess I could make an exception for exams Itd just seem cruel because youd be wondering if the new material was on the exam ornot If it wasnt you wouldnt really be paying attention and if it was you wouldnt really havetime to learn it Anyway no theres no class Thursday Any other questions Alright then after all that theres an exam review period where you can sign up in the thundergraduate psychology office on the 7 floor and after your score itll take about a week to mark the scores by computer when you log in to mycourses at some point your mark will be up It will be a numerical score and youll see how you did If you want to look at your exam sign up for a time to look at it at the undergraduate secretary Julia Marussi in Stewart Bio and the reason you have to do that is because she doesnt want you to walk off with the exam So youll be supervised when youre looking at the exam and answer sheet and things like that And if you have any questions or concerns you can make an appointment to see a TA or if you think a question was ambiguous or wrong you can make a written appeal to have your answer considered and well have instructions to how to do that on webCT on mycourses if theres not there already And then well be onto the rest of the semester and the good news is that were more than halfway done so the final although cumulative there wont be as much new material on the final as there is on this midterm Any other questions Alright now I want to continue talking about health psychologyHow many people saw the talk by Randy What did you all think of that Hes the amazing Randy Any other reactions Thats pretty good The room was absolutely packed there were people sitting on the stairs and some of us got invited to go out to dinner with him and I think they had a long list of people to invite and a lot of people turned it down and it finally got to me and they invited me We were at this dinner table and he did some magic tricks at the table because he started out as a magician and they were amazing they were unbelievable He did this one trick where he takes a quarter and he puts it on the table top then he gets a salt shaker this big and he puts it on top of the quarter and he covers the salt shaker with a napkin and two
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