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psyc 100 class notes

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PSYC 100
Daniel J Levitin

October 19 2010Hi everybody I want to talk about health psychology today andIm going to try unlike the intelligence lectures which to some extent stuck close to what was in the book I want to use the topic as a jumping off point to consider things that arent in the book though grounded in ideas in the book but before we talk about health psych today and Thursday I remind you theres a midterm a week from Thursday and let me remind you how it works The midterm is going to be between 7pm and 10 pm in this room So because of the size of the class and McGill policy about alternate seating you have to sit in alternate seats during examination you cant all take it at once so there are two seatings one at 7 and one at 830 but the idea is that youll be assigned at random to one seating or the other youll find out in the morningThursday morning youll find out which seating youre in its done by computer its done at random so theres no special exceptions You cant request to be in one seating or the other And youll show up to that seating and take the exam youll be required to bring your own pencil youre encouraged to bring two you might break a lead you might want to bring an eraser Its multiple guesschoice There are between 50 and 55 questions on the exam There are multiple versions of the exam so people sitting next to each other or around you will not be taking the same version of the exam as you are You wont be allowed to ring anything to your desk chair palce your sitting other than a penscil and an erase You cant bring your backpack cellphone So I advise you show up without any of those things but if youre a commuter or youre coming right from somewhere else and you have to bring them with you youll just have to leave them out here in front in this stage area You wontbe able to have them at your seat This is a McGill policy because in the past there have been just a few people who cheated and have ruined it for everybody and so you cant have a cellphone or calculator or piece of paper or notebook or binder or backpack cant have anything Just yourself your pencil and well pass out the exam booklet with the questions and well pass out a separate thing called a scantron form with a bunch of bubbles that you have to fill in and before we leave the exam youll have to fill in and hand both back in in order to get credit you have to hand in the answer sheet and the test booklet You cant keep one or the other you have to hand them both in does this all make sense you can bring a wallet but you cant have your wallet open and in front of you during the exam You can bring a belt and shoes too but you cant have them on your tabletop because some people write answers in the sides of their shoe an things like that You can keep the wallet in your pocket You can keep anything in your pocket you just cant take it out Anything else Yes Youre allowed to bring a French translation dictionary but not a conventional French dictionary In other words in a French translational dictionary just has for every English word it has a French word but it doesnt have a paragraph of definitions This is also a McGill policy and might also be a Quebec law especially after the passing of bill 115 which is pages long I dont know whats in it But Im willing to go an extra step if youre a native speaker
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