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psyc 100 class notes

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PSYC 100
Daniel J Levitin

PSYC 100INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGYSet 7 Lectures 16171Nov 2Well well start off with a little video herehopefully it will work Listen to this and then well get started Alright were done I love that little video Alright so my names Robin Canuel and this is my colleague Lindsey Sikora and together were responsible for psychologywere the liaisons for psychology Im based at the Humanities and Social Sciences library and Lindsey is based at the life Sciences library up the hill at the McIntyre Building Were not going to do anything live over the internet because as you can see things are technically challenged here we have a lot of screenshots going to send this to your professor and TAs to put it on WebCT Anything on the screen you dont really have to write down anything you want to write down its for yourself and after that little video I want to emphasize that the librarians and the libraries are really there to make your life a little easierhelp you be a little more productive and improve the overall quality of your work So come use us were there So out of curiositythis is a huge class Im assuming not all of you are psyc majors how many think youre probably majoring in psychSo for the rest of you is this an elective or a minor Just to get a sense of the room Okay So this is a 100level course Ive never taught a 100level course This is going to be relevant to all of youlets get started save questions to the end if we dont answer something youre dying to know about libraries just email me or Lindsey or come and see us at the library So by the end of todayyou should be able to identify key McGill library services locate and use psychology subjectguides locate and use the Library catalogue and psych info base be aware of APA citation style and concept of plagiarism We have a major exodus here So this is the library website wwwmcgillcalibraryhopefully some of you have been here I just wanted to highlight some of the things were going to talk about todayits a very busy page Id appreciate that if you dont want to be here dont be I dont want to be the mean librarian but its hard to concentrate when I hear so many voices On the website you have the opening hours And just to be clear Im sure Dr Levitin wants you to be here the class is being recordeditll be interesting to him that several hundred people just left The opening hours are particularly important to you because at the Humanities and Social Sciences library the education library the life sciences library are all important for psychology material Ive never see so many people leave a class when I started talking Wow Its okay The rest of you will benefit from this excellent lecture and they wont So the library hours keep changing youve probably already noticed that we go from 10 to 1 and now the Humanities and Sciences library is open 24 hours until the end of the semester We have a room booking function on the library website you can book the rooms yourself and theyre selfmanaged by the students Im just going to wait a minute to give everyone who wants to leave a chance to leave Theres no gun to their head theyre university students they can leave theyre here by free will But it is incredibly 2
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