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psyc 100 class notes

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PSYC 100
Daniel J Levitin

PSYC 100INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGYSet 8 Lectures 1819Nov 9 2010So again you have more than three weeks to look at your midterm but if you dont look at it during the first three weeks you cant contest the grade and you might not get the kind of efficient service that you would get from the exam review TA because the exam review TA has one responsibility and your TAs have like 10 And as for contesting the exam if you think there was an ambiguous question or should have counted even though it wasnt the official correct answer you have to write a written challenge and cite a specific page in your textbook or specific date and lecture in which you acquired the knowledge that contradicts the exam Or if you think a question was ambiguous you have to claim this in writing submit your appeal to the TA in writing be sure to put your email and student number and if youre unsatisfied with the way the TA answered you can file a written appeal with the TAs who answer to me and if youre still unsatisfied you can do the whole process again with the head of the department whose name is David Zuroff and if youre still unsatisfied you can complain to the associate dean of students and after that I have no idea what recourse there is But there are always options As one student said to me I refuse to allow you to give me that grade my father is going to sue you You have no idea how important I am I said really He said my father youhave no idea how important my father is And he was right I had no idea and I never heard fromhim again but you do have recourse Does anyone have any questions about thatNow the final examis going to be like the midterm about a third of questions on it will come from first portion of course up to midterm and 23 will be on stuff you havent been tested on before and it will be the same division of lecture material and book material though of course some of the lectures follow the book and some dont by design not by accident The lectures dont follow the book that closely but in cases there are overlap you can say the question came from both There will probably be around 100 questions even maybe 110 but in the neighborhood of 100 but youll have three hours to do it and the exam will be administered centrally Theres a place in McGill web to find out exact time and place As with the midterm you arent allowed to bring any extraneous materials youre allowed to bring a translation dictionary and at the final Im pretty sure they check IDs you have to bring your ID or they wont let you take the final unlike the midterm where we were a little looser you wont be allowed to take the final and if you dont take it thats a whole bunch of trouble Also unlike the midterm if you dont take the final you cant just stay home or stay wherever you were If you really cant take the final theres a formal procedure in the course syllabus to take it at another time and that doesnt involve me or the TAs It involves whoever is the dean of students for whatever faculty youre in in a large university like this all that kind of stuff is centrally administered Well were in the homestretch I want to go back to the first day and remind you of what the goals of the class areCourse goals just to see if were where were supposed to be So one of the goals was to gain an understanding of current ideas about the nature of human behavior and thought and thats a lot of what weve been talking about and a lot of what youve been reading about Another is to develop your own position on controversies in the field so to a large degree the book and I avoid telling you this is the way it is Instead we tell you what we know and there are often conflicting information and the idea here is to help you develop critical thinking skills and the awareness of subtleties and nuances of the field s so you can make up your own mind about what is true and what you believe and psychology is not the only field like this If youve taken
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