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PSYC 100
Daniel Levitin

PSYC 100 Lecture1 02092010Psychological ScienceFor most of recorded history 2000 to 5000 years humans have tried to understand the nature of the word and nature of human behavior We are social animals This developed questions and puzzles but no scientific approach During the last 200 years human curiosity explored the human mental world and the physical world Despite all the discoveries in science still exists the mystery of the human though and intelligence and the nature of humans behavior Cultural Adaptation Sociological phenomenaBiological Adaptation Eg being resistant to certain bacteriaTheory of Evolution1Through reproduction genes are transmitted from one generation to the next2Once in a while there are transcription errors when passing genes from one generation to the next Randomly these errors may cause an advantage or a disadvantage Sometimes these might not have major consequences for example freckles An example of an advantageous error is the moth and the bark this is an example of dissent modification which allows the transfer of these advantageous genes to next generations 3Evolutionary psychologists Besides the physicality the brain evolves too The structure of the brain and its anatomy are dictated by our genome Certain modes and thoughts example modes of problem solving
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